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Our Cad/Cam facility ensures we optimize our internal manufacturing processes thus enabling us to pass the benefits on to our customers in terms of quality, time and cost.


Either System Generated or Imported data is used for the generation of NC Code.  After creation the model data can be parametrically altered, automatically updating the NC Machine Code.









Our CNC CMM facility enables us to “close the loop” on our CAD data & increases our inspection productivity. A complex 1 off or batched items can be both easily & quickly inspected & graphically reported.









Our facilities can also offer reverse engineering though surface scanning followed by CAD export, Helical / Spear gear inspection & “on line” or “off line” CNC programming.


STRENCO TOOLS LTD has the facility to offer Mechanical Design and Manufacturing solutions through the use of Pro Engineer (Parametric solid modelling) and Pro NC (3 axis milling & 2 axis turning). Our extensive design experience enables us to offer rapid manufacture, through concurrent engineering, and prototyping facilities from either system generated or imported data. The combination of our large capacity CNC CMM & the latest inspection software allows us to either directly compare manufactured components to the master CAD data or to Reverse Engineer components & then export the required CAD data.


Press tool predictive forming.

The above video shows a typical  technical  solution that we provide to many of our customers